Stainless steel railing

Stainless steel railings in various designs

Our category stainless steel railings offers you numerous models of different railings as well as the matching accessories. We carry:

- Balcony railings
- Balustrade railing
- Fall protection railings
- balustrades

All our products are delivered to your home in the form of a kit. Some of the components contained in the kit are already fully assembled and therefore ready for installation. Self-assembly of the components is quick and easy according to the instructions supplied and with the help of the assembly accessories. You can assemble all components in our online shop as you wish and adapt them to your individual dimensions. Of course, an existing stainless steel railing can be extended with our products. Please refer to the description of your favourite product or contact us directly here. We will support you in your project!


Stainless steel railings made to measure for more safety

A matching stainless steel railing blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of your home and enhances it visually. In addition, height differences caused by steps or stairs, for example, can be overcome. In general, the safety of the residents is significantly increased. This is because a made-to-measure stainless steel railing serves to hold on in an emergency and thus prevents a fall.

Even with regard to balconies or floor-to-ceiling windows, the building code requirements for fall protection can be met without any problems. Railings installed outdoors benefit particularly from weather and corrosion resistance. This means that a long service life and easy maintenance can be guaranteed.

From the idea to the custom-made stainless steel railing

The search for the right stainless steel railing for your home can sometimes be a little more difficult. It is important that all aspects that are important to you are taken into account. It does not matter whether the building is being fitted out for the first time or whether an existing railing is to be replaced. We recommend that you pay attention to decisive criteria such as the stability of the material as well as the attachment to the wall or floor. Aesthetics also play an important role. Here you are at the right address: We manufacture all our products to high quality standards with rounded edges and smooth surfaces.

Choose according to your ideas from our range of bar railings, railings with glass infill and much more!

Advantages of a custom-made stainless steel railing

Stainless steel is generally regarded as a high-quality material in many areas of the construction industry. We at Schmiedekult also use high-quality stainless steel for the production of our custom-made stainless steel railings. The railings are also:

- Corrosion resistant: With proper care, rust does not develop.
- Highly resistant and lockable: This makes stainless steel the ideal material for outdoor use.
- Temperature and sun resistant: Even extreme cold or heat will not harm the material.
- Durable: With the right care, the stainless steel railing will last a lifetime.

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